1. Will you be the photographer at my shoot?  Who else will be present?

I will always be the primary and only photographer present at your shoot.  In some rare cases, with your permission, a second female photographer may be present to assist with lighting or to shoot from other perspectives.  This will only be done with your permission. In these cases, the other photographer’s images will be treated just like my images and will be subject to the same privacy standards.

2. How much should I expect to spend on my session?

You can find more information about package and pricing options on the Investment page.  In addition to your session fee, you may also wish to book a hotel suite for your private shoot, hire a hair or makeup artist, buy lingerie or other accessories, or purchase additional prints and products, all of which will increase the overall cost for your session.  Clients can spend as little as $475 or as much as $3000 on all of these items combined, with the average client spending around $1100-$1700 on their session inclusive of a retouched couture art album.

3. Will I receive the digital files from my session?  Will these images be retouched?

A disc of images that you have purchased as part of your album or for print are provided on disc with a print release authorizing you to have prints made up to 5×7.  Regardless of your package choice, all of your images will be retouched.  I will also include a few “artistic edits” of some of my personal favorites from your session. My images are beautiful right from the camera and my skill and experience in posing for boudoir are such that no major reconstructive retouching is necessary. It is VERY important to me that women know that it is REALLY them in the photos and not a doctored version of them. Retouching consists mostly of evening out skin tones, brightening eyes and removing blemishes and stray hairs and such. But it really will be you and not an over smoothed alien reconstruction if what you kind of look like.

4. Is there any retouching that is not included?

Tattoo removal and tan lines can be time-consuming and thus require an additional fee of $35 per image minimum to $80 maximum depending on the requirment.  I recommend hiring a makeup artist skilled in skin cover-ups to help minimize these problems, if necessary.

5. Can I bring a friend to my shoot for moral support?

Sure! Although I don’t recommend bringing your mom or your best guy friend along, a sister or close friend can be a great personal assistant to check your hair and makeup, assist you with outfit selection, and be your cheering section.

6. What if my friend wants to do a session, too?  Can we do our sessions together?

There are several packages available for both pairs (2 ladies) and large groups (3-8 ladies).  If you’re feeling intimidated or nervous about your boudoir session, this is a great way to share the experience and help each other stay positive and excited about your images.  It’s also a great way to keep location fees down!

7. Where should my session take place?

Ultimately I like to choose the locations for my sessions. I will work with you to find the perfect backdrop. I choose them for light, mood and decor, to ensure that there is a consistent style and feel for your collection. Many clients have chosen upscale hotels, spas and getaways. In rare cases, clients have an exceptional “boudoir” in their home and this is also a possibility if it is a large enough space with lots of natural light and windows. Locations for boudoir marathons are often predetermined and provided to you on the day you confirm your booking.

8. Will I have a say in how you use my images on your website?

The short answer is – yes. All clients sign a release form indicating that while I do own the copyright to the images created, you can chose not to have your images published on the website, however, bravery is rewarded and images will always be used in good taste. You are under no obligation to have your images published the website or blog. When clients do allow us to use their images, often they are discreet and not entirely recognizable.

9. How soon after my session will I receive my proofs and products?

Your images will be ready within 2 weeks, at which time we will review your collection together and choose the images fro print and for your album. Products such as albums and folios can take 4-6 weeks to arrive.  If your session is intended to be a gift for a special occasion, I recommend scheduling it no later than two months before the date that you need your products in hand.

10. Preparing for your session – Contact me to receive our complete brochure to prepare for your sessions with me.

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